Dreamliner Deals from Air New Zealand To Fiji #Airfare Alert

Last weekend, Air New Zealand began flying its brand new Dreamliner 787-9 on the Auckland to Nadi (AKL-NAN) route, for 3 hour and 5 minutes of luxurious flight time.

A quick check of available air fares on Air New Zealand’s website and a cross-check of Google Flights revealed decent deals through the end of the year and into 2016, and should be available for purchase on any major online booking engine.

Since the economy experience in a Dreamliner is pretty swanky itself, the fares start at $198 NZD each way per person are tempting, but keep mind mind these fares only include carry-on luggage and are limited in availability. Depending on flight dates, you might be able to mix and match fares to get standard economy Round-Trip fares for about $537 NZD / $359 USD.

At $1367 NZD or about $914 USD R/T, considering the upgrade to Business Class may be worthwhile, when you account for the extra amenities and access to the lounge.   Get these fares while they last, because they likely won’t stick around long! 

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